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iOS Theme for jQuery Mobile

Good news! I’ve just pushed some major changes for my iOS jQuery Mobile theme. It now works with jQuery Mobile 1.1.0, which was a bit of a struggle. It also forced me to do some major code cleanup, delivering cross browser gradients and various enhancements I had been putting off.

A full list of changes and resolved bugs follows:

  • Supports jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 (this was a nightmare)
  • Code cleanup more strictly obeys my coding conventions
  • All gradients and effects are now cross browser compatible (Issue #2)
  • Updated slider toggle to iOS 5 style (Issue #7)
  • Got dialogs looking as close to native as possible considering jQuery Mobile doesn’t support overlayed dialogs (they’re standalone pages) (Issue #3)

The changes have introduced a few minor visual quirks relating to the .ui-focus box shadows etc, but hopefully these will be rectified in the near future.

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jQuery Gantt

I made some minor code changes, but the most important thing here was the addition of documentation. The original creator didn’t provide any, so hopefully this makes a bit more sense. I’m sure I’ve missed something here and there (holidays?), but I’ll fix that up as we go.

The changes:

  • Added documentation and better demo with bootstrap popovers
  • Works with latest jQuery 1.7.2
  • Merged pull request for “undefined error”, thanks Nathan Colgate.
  • Code and folder cleanup

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Front End Development Guidelines

The page now passes HTML5 validation. Apparently some people care about this.

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